Our Practices


Our biggest passion is working with rural artisans and 
bringing life to the disappearing handicraft culture of India. We collaborate directly with them or partnering with artisanal brands. Our aim is to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern silhouettes.



We work with high quality, responsibly made fabrics. All our fabrics are locally and ethically sourced. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach the highest ethical and eco-friendly standards. 


We create pieces with the vision of making garments that are mindful & meaningful. All of our pieces are made to last year after year. We pay attention to minor detailing ensuring longer life to your garments!



All of our fabrics have been dyed naturally and are plant based. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we also source fabrics from warehouses. We do not overproduce and make every garment on order basis. Marker planning is used at our workshop ensuring minimum wastage of fabric and resources. Our core value is to ensure that our artisans are paid fairly and are recognised for the work that they do. We believe in the concept of "buy better & buy less".